Mario Queen of the Festival

Mario is an international festival favorite!? His full length show has graced the line-up of Rock festivals such as Glastonbury, UK, Lowlands, NL, Paleo, CH, Sziget, HU, Pukelpop, BE, Festival 6, UK, The Big Day Out Sydney, AU and Woodford Folk Festival, AU.
At Street arts festivals, if there is a public prize to win, Mario has most likely won it.? Audiences at festivals such as Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes Calle, Valladolid, Spain; Street Performers world Championships, Dublin, Ireland and the International Street Theatre Festival in Ghent, BE have all bestowed upon Mario the honor of Public Favorite.
And Mario?s favorite international street arts festival Audiences include Fest?Arts, Libourne, FR; Theater Boulevaard, Hertogenbosch, NL; Oeral Festival, Terschelling, NL; Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten, Hannover, DE; Viva Cit?, Sotteville-Les-Rouens, FR; ?Chassepierre, BE and The World Buskers Festival, Christchurch, NZ, ?He performs the full show in French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Mario has also performed at Comedy Festivals like: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne, AU; Cape Town Funny Fest, Cape Town SA; Comedy Arts Festival, Moers, DE.
And as part of La Clique and La Soir?e he has played Edinburgh, Adelaide, Perth and Brighton Fringe Festivals and Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide International Arts Festivals.
And here are some hilarious, harrowing and heroic crowd surfing highlights:

Promo Videos for Mario’s two full-length Festival Shows
Mario Queen of the Circus

God Save The Queen